Mutual PRAbout us

Mutual Public Relations functions to establish mutually propitious relationships between the client and the public. 1st January 1995, marks the day Mutual PR was founded in a small apartment in Houz Khas, Delhi, with its first client which wasn't so small - DCM Data Systems, one of the first leading IT companies among many, in India. With its 2nd client -Maharaja Whiteline, Mutual PR broke even in just six months and had started getting a hold in the field of PR, and became associated with huge names in the IT industry. Today with a global network spread across 50+ different countries, comprising of 50+ international partners, it has prominent footprints in India and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Summit Data Products, Binary Semantics, MAIT, Chips of Technology, QAI (Software Training and Certification Institute) are just a few names in India out of an exhaustive list that sought out Mutual PR for their PR activities. SDRC - now known to all as Siemens PLM (Germany) too, was one of the first and the most reputed multinational corporations to get associated with Mutual PR.

Mutual PR is the pioneering entity behind many endeavors, among which the 1st Oracle Open World, in India is worth noting. With the boom in the dot com sector, it expanded its wing of services to the Research & Development PR, after establishing a stellar reputation for itself in the IT field. Setting up the R&D centre for Adobe and managing its PR, marked the beginning of the R&D PR wing in Mutual PR that would go unchallenged. Oracle, Alcatel, Nortel, Yahoo R&D, Sonicwall, Ncomputing and SD Micro Electronics - the largest chip manufacturers were just a few names of many to get associated with us.

Early 2000 saw further diversification of Mutual, in the brands sector beginning with the big players itself, such as Reebok (later Adidas Reebok). Under the SKNL (S Kumar Nationwide Limited) umbrella Mutual PR worked with the legends of Bollywood - Mr Amitabh Bachchan who was then the brand ambassador for Reid & Taylor, Mr Shahrukh Khan the then brand ambassador of Del Monte, Miss Sushmita Sen who represented the Charmichael House; and even planned and managed the PR for Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt for three consecutive years, and did the event PR for Mark Robinson's fashion show for GUESS - the known clothing line from the US.

While establishing its dominance in all these sectors, in the year 2006 Mutual PR further broadened its horizons by testing and proving its expertise in Investor Relations PR, where it worked relentlessly toward getting ESSDEE Aluminium listed as a reliable investment opportunity in the stock market by creating, and projecting a positive reputation for the company by hosting Analyst Meetings, Broker Conferences, Global Conferences, Tele Conferences, etc. Apart from the new associations, Mutual also worked on the Investor Relations for its existing clientele, including SKNL.

Crisis Communications and Government Affairs was the next domain Mutual PR set out to demonstrate its ability in. The Vodafone-Hutchinson tax case, the Jet Airways crisis, the TCL and Barron case are just a few but giant affairs where Mutual PR was actively involved in the Public Relations and successfully maneuvered it. PR for Shiv Sena, Government of Gujarat, Government of Orissa, Rajasthan Tourism are few of the many noteworthy political public relations campaigns run by Mutual.

By the end of 2007, identifying the potential of the growing international interest in the Indian market the founders decided to expand and thus set base in Germany (Hamburg), Singapore and UAE. Beginning with Sylvania-Havells, Mutual PR has successfully established a number of companies in the international market, and specializes in offering flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Continual research along with analysis of public opinions, attitudes, and factors influencing their perspectives, in more than 15+ core sectors like Technology, Brands, Travel & Tourism, Manufacturing & Infrastructure, Education, Advocacy, Customised Events and Industrial Trade Fairs, etc., has enabled it to effectively cater to more than 100 brands around the world.

Mutual PR is a major player in the Indian public relations industry owing to the stronghold it possesses in the apt utilization of the ever evolving media - traditional & digital, for communicating to gain maximum impact. Its strategies for the clients comprise of long-term customer ties with a constant contact person.